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What do you know about Holland?

Well, I didn’t know things about Holland, I had to surf the net and search
for images and information about Holland. What have I found ?
Tulips, Word shoes, Wind mills, nice Houses, marihuana, and bikes.
When I had the first encounter with Marcel ( my partner from Holland) I
asked him about all these things. He explained me a lot of things related
to the information which I had found.
Like this:
•        Holland has a queen and her name is Beatriz, but she doesn’t 
control the country, because Holland is constitutional monarchy.

She is Beatriz, she was born on January 31,
1938 and she took the throne on April 30, 1980

• The most exported product are the tulips, there for they
are very important for the country’s economy.

This beautiful hybrid tulips are from Holland!

• The wind mills were originally used for the water control,
because Holland is a big field under the sea level and they have many
problems with preventing the land from floods.

This picture was taken in September the
last year in Holland of course.

• The official language is Dutch which sounds like an mixture
of English and German and French, with a base in English and German

This is the official flag from Holland.
Have white, blue and red, just like our flag!
The Chilean flag.

• In Holland most of people have bikes, they prefer to ride a
bike because is cheaper and healthier. But unfortunately many bikes
are stolen everyday.

In the pictures:
A girl biking in Holland and a bicycle parking at Holland.

• Holland is a very liberal country, and the people are very l
iberal as well. Drugs like the Marihuana are allowed in Holland and
you can buy it in so called “coffee shops” which actually don’t sell
any coffee at all.

Wow! In Chile you don’t see thinks
like this kind of coffees.

• The most important celebration day is “The Queen’s Day”.
During the year at this celebration day the people use traditional

All this things happen in the queen’s day!
All is orange in honor to the Queen.

How we can read here Holland is very different to Chile, but veryinteresting!
May be when I’ll have the necessary money I’ll travel to Holland! But for now
I listen Marcel to tell more thing about Holland and learn of this beautiful country.

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